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From the dream to the idea

Who does not allready dreamed about...  simply sailing away...

However not everyone can or wants step out so simply. One have a 
family and/or is bound in the job, there are surely many reasons.

Therefore remains to us a small escape by chartering a boat.

Unfortunately this is linked with trouble often.
the take-over is later than scheduled....
the boat is in a bad shape...
the equipment is rather poor...

During the yourney itself one seems to be a shipyard worker...
is exchanging clogged prefilters,
is taping sails,
is stripping toiletpumps,
is fixing the radareflector properly,
is eliminating breaks in the diesel line that the machine runs correctly 
and is waiting for the next surprise to come.

Due to these experiences the slocum sailing project is born.

A boat in the mediterranean sea, well maintained by a skipper, 11 of 12 
months available to the owners.
A boat one gets a friendly welcome,
a boat ready to set sails, a boat which you can really trust.

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