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The Project - a short description
From the dream to the idea - the way is the target (Laotse)
The project initiators - like to introduce themselves
The Realization - of the "Slocum-Sailing" project
The Project model - the integration of various interests
The Preparatory phase - the search for partners
The Implementation phase - buy a sailyacht and start up
The anunal Operations - and the teamwork of owners, partners and agency
Partizipations - overview over the possible partizipations on the project
active Sailors
Sailing schools
Sailing clubs
Project supporters - persons and companies supporting the slocum sailing project.
Legal references - for project supporters
Links - interesting links for sailors
Legal references - to links

Downloads - of PDF forms around sailing

Picture Gallery - pictures around sailing

Communication - Guestbook and Projectforum
Legal references - to Guestbook and Projectforum

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