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The "Slocum-Sailing" Project


After 15 years experience, much enthusiasm, but also various difficulties with charter agencies and sail ships, we, the initiators came to the resolution to carry out the dream of the own sail ship.

The project covers:

- the common acquisition of a beautiful, quick and roomy sail ship with many
  sail-inspire humans,

- possibly the all-season go (max. 1 month in the shipyard) in the
  Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean (Canary islands) and if possible in the
  Caribbean Sea,

- the maintenance protection of the sailboat by the organising of turns as well
  as freighting of bunks against sharings of costs,

- the enlargement of our circle of sail friends (currently approx. 30 persons),

- the promotion of the sailing sport and the exchange of ideas with more
  Humans on national and international level.

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